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Our Packages

We offer several different packages, which can be tailored to the age, numbers, and interests of your audience.


All of our presentations are geared towards a fun, educational experience, with the goal of all guests having hands-on encounters with our animals.

Little Explorers Package

  • This short presentation is perfect for younger kids, who may not be able to sit still for a longer show. 

  • Includes a 20 minute  interactive presentation with hands-on interaction between audience and animals

  • 3 live animals.

  • Time for touching and photos with the animals after the show

  • $120


Junior Naturalists Package

  • Includes a 30 minute interactive presentation

  • 4 live animals

  • Time for touching and photos with the animals after the show

  • Includes a hand-written birthday card!

  • $140


To book an event

Email us at 



School Safaris - The Field Trip that Comes to You!

  • 30 minute presentations

  • 4 live animals,

  • Information tailored to the age and grade level of your students. 

  • Additional separate presentations available for each classroom, to give your students an up-close experience. 

$200 for the first hour (2 presentations)

$75 for each additional program

Apprentice Zookeepers Package

  • 40 minute interactive presentation

  • Up to 5 live animals

  • Birthday child gets the opportunity to feed an animal ambassador

  • Time for touching and pictures with the animals after the show

  • Includes a framed keepsake for the birthday child; the shed skin of a snake, with a hand-written birthday note!

  • $160



A $50 non-refundable deposit is required when booking with us.

For shows located more than 15 miles from The Learning Zoo (FM1488 and 242) we charge an additional $25 to cover travel expenses. Please let us know the address of your party when booking, so we can give you an accurate quote. 

Please feel free to place requests, both for animals you would like us to bring and those you DO NOT want to appear. Additional animals may be available by the day of your party.

Due to the nature of working with live animals, we cannot guarantee that specific animals will be available on the day of the event. Substitutions will be made to try and give you the closest possible equivalent.