Frequently Asked Questions

What types of animals do you have?

Our collection of animal ambassadors is currently very focused on reptiles. This may change in the future as we expand and have more space for other animals.

For a full list of the animals we have available, check out our Animal Profiles page.

Can I request certain animals for my party?


Please feel free to place requests, both for animals you would like us to bring and those you DO NOT want to appear. Additional animals may be available by the day of your party. Due to the nature of working with live animals, we cannot guarantee that specific animals will be available on the day of the event. Substitutions will be made to try and give you the closest possible equivalent (for example, substituting a rat snake for a corn snake, or a box turtle for a tortoise).

Are any of the animals you have poisonous/venomous?

We do not have any animals with medically significant venom, and at this time, we do not have any poisonous animals either. Our tarantulas use venom to hunt, but it is not considered dangerous to humans. As an added precaution our spiders are only handled by the presenter and do not have direct contact with children or other party guests.

How long does a presentation typically last?

The length of our presentations will depend on which package you book, but they all fall within the 20-40 minute range..

How much space do you need?

For our traveling programs, enough space for all the children to sit, as well as somewhere for the presenter to stand, and enough space for the animals. Generally, a living room or covered patio is about the right size.

Do the animals bite?

We like to say that anything with a mouth can bite. However, animals only bite for two reasons: they think something is food, or they feel threatened. We don’t bring an animal to an event until we are confident that it will be calm and comfortable interacting with people. If there is any chance that something might bite defensively, it stays home that day. As for mistaking fingers for food, we take any necessary precautions, based on that animal’s diet, to avoid mistakes.

Can children hold the animals too?

This will depend on the species and temperament of the animal, as well as the age and energy level of the child. We make an effort to allow birthday children to hold at least one animal for a special photo. 

Do you provide a location for your service? Can you come to a park or my house?

We can come to homes and parks, although if you rent out a location for your event, it’s your responsibility to check with the owner that live animals are allowed. We do have our own facility just minutes from The Woodlands and would love to have you there.  Check it out! 

What type of environment must be provided for the animals? Can it be loud?

We prefer to do our shows indoors, or at least under cover. The less background noise, the better. For the safety of the animals we ask that all children be seated, and toddlers either sit with parents or be held.

Do you do shows outdoors?

This depends on the weather. We require at least a roof or other covering, and if there is a chance of rain that day, it’s a good idea to have an indoor space as a back-up. We cannot do shows outside if it is above 90 degrees, or below 60 degrees, as this is dangerous for the animals and generally uncomfortable for the audience.

Can children feed the animals?

Some animals do have the option of being fed, either by the presenter or by an audience member. This will depend on the mood of the animal and the temperament of the child in question.

Do any of your animals do tricks?

Although we do not use the word “trick” some of our animals may be trained to present behaviors on request. This training is done through positive reinforcement, and all of the behaviors are things that the animal would do naturally in the wild.

How much time do you need to set up?

We can set up in 5 minutes or less.

Do you provide all of your own supplies?

Yes, we bring everything we need, including paper towels and hand sanitizer.