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Join us for on-site classes!

Do you have a nature lover who is interested in learning about animals, wildlife conservation, and the impact they have on the world?

Professional zookeeper, wildlife educator of 14 years, and homeschool graduate, Drew Schulz is offering in-person, hands-on, small group classes at The Learning Zoo, the newest animal adventure and education center in Montgomery County!


Zookeeper Drew and the students will be joined by the animals who call The Learning Zoo home, ranging from Poki, the quarter-pound short-tailed opossom to Apollo the 11-foot reticulated python. Big or small, short or tall… come meet them all!

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We will not be offering semester-long classes Spring of 2023, but will have other opportunities available.

Meet the Teacher

From a young age, Drew knew that he had a passion for animals, wildlife conservation and education. At age 11 while homeschooling, Drew started volunteering at The Woodlands Children’s Museum and at age 14, he started working for WOW! Science Camp, sharing his knowledge of reptiles and mammals with the campers.


After completing his Master's degree, Drew attended the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in Florida, the only zookeeper training program of its kind in the country. While at The Teaching Zoo, he was able to build connections with endangered species such as the Galapagos tortoises and tree kangaroos.


After graduating from The Teaching Zoo, Drew has worked with many species ranging from wolves and alligators to donkeys and Komodo dragons. He then decided it was time to open up his own zoo where he acquired a USDA Animal Welfare License and now keeps reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals as ambassador animals to bring joy and inspire curiosity in children.

Drew is passionate about teaching others about animals and bringing people and nature together.

Drew Schulz, Instructor

Class Location 

The Learning Zoo

Now Open for Classes and Birthday Parties

Spring, 2021

15428 Delores Lane

Conroe, TX 77384

Near intersection of 1488 & 242

Just minutes from The Woodlands

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