Raw Vegetables

Djali the Nigerian Dwarf Goat

30min meet n greet- $50

-will bring goat cookies for recipient to feed Djali + petting brush


For addresses more than 15 miles from TLZ (FM1488 & 242) additional $25 charge for travel expenses

Goat Gram

Do you have a special someone in your life that you would like Djali to pay a visit? This playful little goat would love to adventure to their doorstep and share some giggles and furever memories! 

Djali + Mason Jar Hershey Kisses $55

Djali + Dozen Red Roses $70

Lets get our KIDS together!

Djali the Goat would love to be part of your Christmas photos, Mommy & Me photos or even "Just For Fun" photos!

30min shoot-$50

Djali is available to be photographed at Jones State Forest, just 5 minutes away from her cozy home at the zoo.